Friday, September 4, 2015

Acupuncture Cools Breast Cancer Hot Flashes! 

Stay cool and relaxed with acupuncture treatments. 

A recent published study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology on August 24, 2015 concludes that electro-acupuncture treatments were more effective than Gabapentin, a common drug used to control cancer-related hot flashes. The small study consisting of 120 patients opens the door to a larger study. See

You can also read a more friendly version of the article here: PsychCentral Article on Acupuncture and Cancer Treatment Hot Flashes or

Please also see this news feature on an Ohio program: North Central Ohio Woman turns to Acupuncture for Cancer Treatment Relief

This is great news for all cancer-survivors. If you know of a loved one or acquaintance who is currently going through cancer treatments and complaining of hot flashes, please pass on this new information to them.

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